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Proposal of routes to explore the Cider Country

The most beautiful places and a selection of the best routes that you can enjoy in Sagardoaren Lurraldea – Cider Country. Blacksmith forges, ancient forts, rivers, and more; enclaves with a surprising history. Have a look at our offers to enjoy our territory, just 15 minutes from Donostia-San Sebastian.

The Laia tour

Along this route, you can enter into the natural space of Santa Barbara and learn about different cultural elements related to the town of Hernani. Laia, a girl from Hernani, will guide you throughout the whole adventure.

The best: Discover the environment of Mount Santa Barbara, linking the historic centre, nature, sports, orientation, observation, and culture.

Location: Tourist information point of Hernani – Hernani

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Kayak on the Oria river

The Oria river is the perfect setting for rowing. There is a reason rowers of the Orio rowing team train here. It is a great beginner's activity for the whole family.

The best: You can do sporting activities in the river and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the shores of the Oria river, home to ancient shipyards.

Location: Orio Town Hall Square – Orio

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San Marcos Fort

San Marcos Fort is located in an exquisite location, less than 10km from Donostia-San Sebastian, and surrounded by nature. It is undoubtedly the viewpoint par excellence of the region of Oarsoaldea.

The best: Enjoy the views offered from this viewpoint of the bays of La Concha, Pasaia and Txingudi.

Location: San Marcos bidea – Errenteria

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Route of the Silver Lighthouse

This is a beautiful walking tour that allows us to cross the coastal hills from the neighbourhood of Gros to Pasaia in a few hours. A stone's throw from the streets of the capital of Donostia-San Sebastian and the active port of Pasaia, Mount Ulia is a beautiful place where you can enjoy majestic ocean views.

The best: Enjoy the landscape of the bays of Donostia-San Sebastian and Pasaia from the top of the mountain.

Location: Zurriola hiribidea – Donostia-San Sebastian

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A butcher named San Juan de Olabide was mayor of Astigarra in 1580 to the outrage of the Lord of Murguia.