General information

Workshop dedicated to the apple, cider and tourism

SAGARDO FORUM is a technical workshop dedicated to the apple, apple derivatives and the culture and tourism of cider. Organised by Sagardoaren Lurraldea, is celebrated every two years.

The third edition of Sagardo Forum was celebrated on 21-22-23-24-25 of November 2020 at Orona Ideo’s (Hernani) and Kursaal’s 8Donostia-San-Sebastian) facilities.

The Sagardo Forum includes conferences by international professionals with a focus on 3 core topics: apple, cider and cider houses as a tourist resource. Also, Sagardo Forum celebrates the International Cider Competition, where prestigious tasters from all over the world (sumillers, winemakers, chefs, journalists, gastronomy bloggers, etc.) try different types of cider, classified in 9 categories, and choose the best ones as the winners: natural basque cider, natural asturian cider, traditional french cider, traditional english cider, modern cider, “premium” carbonated cider, apfelwein, flavoured cider and perry and ice cider. In the last edition, the workshop also has included an International Cider Fair.

Over the course of Sagardo Forum, the most relevant professionals and experts in each of the topics are together in the cider territory. The event is undoubtedly a magnificent occasion to learn from other business backgrounds and experiences, to fully understand the current state of the world of cider, and to find inspiration as we build Sagardoaren Lurraldea, a unique territory with great history, tradition and standing in the world of wine tourism, as a tourist destination.